Are you feeling STUCK in any area of your life; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, physically and financially?

Are you feeling OVERWHELMED with your life right now and UNSUPPORTED to create inner & outer balance?

Are you feeling ALONE in your journey and lacking of a strong support system of like minded people who share common interests and support each other to jump the obstacles of life with grace?

Our life is amazingly powerful here on earth (terra, gaia, pacha mama) and all the obstacles we face each day are tools to strengthen us from within to become the amazing being of love and light we have chosen to be.

It is not easy to see our life this way when we are hitting to our deepest bottom and collapsing from every angle of life we can think of.

It is not fun and joyful to cry for help and have no one around who understands, cares and is delightful unconditional to us.

It is truly painful to shut our passions, desires and dreams because we have been programmed to be  unable to speak our truth, live our life at its fullest and be who we truly are – which is a journey of its own.

But it is truly EMPOWERING to be able to shift the consciousness of our struggles and dilemmas with the support of a mentor, guide, guru, healer, coach and/or community.

It is LIBERATING to be heard, understood, accepted, appreciated, honored, recognized and loved by a community who gathers unconditionally to support each other in times of transformation, liberation, growth, evolution and mastery of our divine self.

It is REFRESHING to let go of what is not worthy of us and create a new start with clarity, guidance, support and unconditional love.

We, Liberating Inner Beauty Revolution LOVE YOU so much and have created a sacred space for education, empowerment, liberation, transformation, growth, evolution and support.

This sacred space is where we come together to gain the clarity, guidance & support we need to break free from everything is keeping us stuck in all areas of our life; reclaim our true divinity, live the life we truly dream of and manifest our deepest heart desires.

As part of our transformational movement, we are delightful and joyful to share with you our online …

LOVE CIRCLES - Love, Heal & Live.
YOUR sacred space to GAIN Clarity, Guidance & Support.

These energetic and powerful circles are designed to gather our community and create a sacred space for profound healing. -  healing from within by experiencing the miracles of love.

We come together to invoke and channel the most powerful energy source we are born & gifted with – LOVE.

Love creates and heals;
Love is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient,


At our Love Circles we gather to share our struggles, illness, pains, suffering and life obstacles; practice a guided meditation to surrender it all to the Purification Love Fire (Violet Flame), embrace gratitude for the lessons learned, gain clarity with our life, experience guidance from the heart and finally receive support from like minded co-creators who honors you, appreciate you, welcome you, accept you and support you for who you are and your divine light.

These are powerful circles created to bring you in touch with your true self, heal from within all aspect of your life; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, physically and financially, experience transformation to manifest and live your highest potential.

Are you ready to reclaim your magnificent self, gain clarity, experience heartfelt guidance and be supported by powerful like minded co-creators?

If YES, We invite you to be part of our:

Free Membership (Valued over 1K)

Here, you start your liberating journey to liberate from what is keeping you stuck, gain clarity with your life, receive guidance and support to reach your goals so you can live the life you truly desire and dream of.

As a member of our Love Tribe you gain access to:

  • The 28 Day Liberating Inner Beauty Program (valued $250).
  • The Be Beautiful & Attractive Liquid Fast E-book (valued $44).
  • Guest Speakers' Gifts from our 'Liberating Inner Beauty Revolution' Radio and TV Shows (valued $600+).
  • Weekly long distant healing & blessings (valued $100).
  • One monthly access to our Online Love Circles, where we will be addressing topics such as: Nutrition & Fitness, Love, Relationships & Sexuality, Life Clarity & Purpose, Spiritual Awakening, Entrepreneurship & Financial Freedom and Enlightening Parenting. Once you become a member you will have access to our calendar and private links to each of our LIVE Online Love Circles (valued $250).

Are you ready to LIVE at your fullest potential?  If YES, be a part of our Love Tribe today!


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Yesterday I was feeling rather emotional and I decided to take the day for myself instead of working. After a break I got back to my computer to find something I needed and I remembered the Love Circle Lucia was hosting on Google. I thought to myself that a bit of love might just be what I needed. I joined her. Let me tell you, I GOT A LOT OF LOVE. We did a meditation that was so powerful it also popped into my mind today. She has a contagious joyful energy and put my emotional breakdown in a whole new light, we danced and I felt a big energy shift. After 30 minutes I was definitely in a very sunny mood. I felt that I was guided to join her in the Love Circle. If you need some uplifting, some love, some grounding, some joy be sure to join her and experience her magnificence and loving enthusiasm.
We talked about Expansion, hence the picture. Blessings to you my soul sister.

Irina Benedict. Ontario, Canada

Lucia creates a genuinely loving, open atmosphere for expressing deep emotions that can hold us back. Fear becomes a means of understanding our present lives and an instrument for transformation toward our highest potential.

Josh Z. Sarasota, Florida USA

Finding the Love Circle was divine order for me. I have been in need of getting more in touch with my inner being and letting go of emotional pain.

My friend saw Lucia's card and gave it to me, he guided me to read what it said and I was thrilled! Here was a spiritual teacher who specialized in helping others find out what's blocking them from living fulfilling lives including sexual healing which most people shy away from discussing but could use the guidance.

Back to how I found the circle, besides the card I saw a flier for the event at a local tea shop and it confirmed for me that I needed to go! When I arrived, I felt totally comfortable and in a space that felt familiar. I had never met anyone there except for the friend I was with but everyone was so kind and loving, we all shared common intention to see our oneness.

It was beautiful and during the meditation exercise, we were visualizing the flames of love burning off things that no longer serve us and I had a moment where I could see into the infinite micro and macro cosmic universe! The Love circle was just the fellowship I needed! I have sense attended another one and plan to continue meeting up with the group as we grow and evolve together. Gratitude and love!!! Namaste

Sally M. Sarasota, Florida USA